Bound For a New Life

In my opinion indentured servitude is not fair. It could be unfair to people because no matter when they started they are free when they turn 21. The indentured servants weren’t always treated fairly. Some kids were kidnapped and forced into indentured servitude. Although some kids agreed to it, they didn’t know some of the conditions they would be working with.


This system wasn’t far from the younger children. Older children worked for fewer years than younger children. In the article, “Bound for a New Life”, Robert worked for nine years while Sarah worked for seven years. Robert came over when he was 12 and Sarah came over when she was 14. At age 21 Robert and Sarah became free.


They were not treated fairly. The text stated that Sarah was beaten by her master’s wife. It said,” His wife was a mean spirited woman who beat me for the smallest mistake The article stated, ”My clothes became ragged; my belly was never full. For instance, Robert had to work for hours and had a very hard work. In paragraph 4 the article stated,” But if you are lazy or dishonest, or you try to run away, your life will not be easy.”


Some kids were kidnapped and forced into indentured servitude. In the article, “ Bound For a New Life,” it said,” Robert was taken by two men. Some of the men there said,” Work would keep him out of trouble”. In paragraph 5 Robert said,” I worked from down to dark.”


However, some kids willingly signed up to come to go to Jamestown. According to the article, “Bound For a New Life,” it said,” When I was 14 two men offered me a chance to sail to America.” In addition, the two men said,” Just work a few years in Virginia to pay for your passage on the ship, and then you’ll be free to make your own life.” In paragraph one it said,” In London my family was poor.” For example, in paragraph two it said,” I listened, though, and finally decided to sign the papers.”

Based on the text, my opinion is that indentured servitude is not far. The younger a child was, the longer they worked. They weren’t treated well. Some kids were kidnapped and some others agreed to do it. Indentured servitude was not far regardless if they agreed to or not.



My Gingerbread House

My family and I decorate our house every year on December 1st. We each have our own job to decorate well my sister and me share the same jobs. The jobs we do are taking all the Christmas boxes out and put them into our house and putting the ornaments on the tree. My grandpa’s job is putting the candy on the outside of the house. Then my grandmas and mom’s job is decorating the house inside by putting candy. Meanwhile, on December 28 we take the Christmas candy off sometimes my sister and I even eat it.

Life Being A Cheerleader For Competition

How my teammates and I started to cheer.  First, we started cheering for football players. Then time flew by and the coaches got a note that we got invited to cheer competition. Meanwhile, We stared practice for three weeks and we had practice for three or two hours every day. Then we had practice on Saturday which was the last day to practice then Sunday came by and that was the day of competition. We did practice at the competition about six times. I had really good faith in my team but we played five teams. There were only three places and we did not get places 1st 2nd or 3rd. There are four different squads and I am in Peewee the four squads are Mitymites, jr peewee, and midgets. There were different levels for competition and my team did pom level. The jr peewee got placed 1st out of four we were all proud of them. Then the midgets got placed 3rd. If you get placed 1st 2nd 3rd you get to go to Las Vegas. So the jr peewee and midgets get to go to Vegas. Then a week came by and the coaches got a note that we got to go to vegas because we had 70 points and over. But during our dance at competition when we were performing on the stage the song turned of but we still danced. Now we have to fundraise to get new shoes, new outfits, bows, and poms.